The Data Literates

 A Podcast About Data Literacy

Data Literates is the first ever podcast specifically dedicated to Data Literacy and the rising effort to improve Data Literacy in the world. We use our EDLP (Enterprise Data Literacy Program) framework to educate our audience about practical and actionable solutions that enable a Data Literate Organization.

There is a lot of great content out there, especially recently, about Data Literacy from vendors, academics, solution providers, and other members of the data and analytics community, but we found that there is a lack of practical advice for how to implement a successful Data Literacy program for the enterprise. We created this podcast to help promote the various resources that we find around the awareness of the Data Literacy issues facing the world and offer our experience on how to combat these issues.

As consultants in the field, we have had first hand experience over the past several years implementing Data Literacy solutions at companies of all sizes, from 50 employees to over 50,000 employees, and we want to share those experiences with our audience to enable others to implement these solutions as well.

Join us each month to hear about our experiences and learn how you can use our tools and methodologies to begin implementing a Data Literacy solution at your company.

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Data Literate Host Milad Toliyati
Data Literate Host Jerry DiMaso

Milad Toliyati

Jerry DiMaso

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