Culture in Leadership

In this first podcast, we start with a brief intro of who we are and what we’re going to cover. We then move into Milad’s Twitter Board to discuss recent events and posts from the wonderful Data Literacy community, including OpenData, Data Literacy efforts in Singapore, insights from Qlik’s CEO Mike Capone, the Data Literacy Conference, and a few other topics.

The main topic for this month is one of our 5 Cs of Data Literacy, Culture, which is what we focus on for the second half of the podcast. We go over AnMar, or Analytics Marketing, the process by which we create internal marketing around the data and analytics within an organization and give a practical example of a client in which we’ve employed this tactic.

We end with a client story about how a negative culture and using gut feelings over data-based decisions can lead to a very poor outcome, and a CIO getting fired. Enjoy!